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About Us

The people at Justping Infotech have all the experiences of working for big organizations. Our technical persons have previously worked for companies like Hewlett Packard, Essar Steel Ltd., Banking Organizations, big Diamond Manufacturing Companies. We have been working for these big companies for more than 12 years. After these many years of working experience we have started up our own IT support farm. Presently we are providing IT support to a few good companies who are well satisfied with our level of support. We are continuously providing better solutions to our clients to fulfill their requirements for setting up Data-Center Servers, Storage, Security Firewalls, Desktop Support, etc.

Our Clients

Orange Manufacturing

Orange Manufacturing is a Diamond Manufacturing company who polishes rough diamonds and exports them worldwide. This client was seeking help to setup fault tolerant centralized data storage solution to store diamond images and also setup an internet firewall. We have setup OpenZFS based network storage which is higly reliable and efficient free storage solution. We also have setup internet firewall using open source firewall software which helped our client save a lot of money buy not purchasing commercial storage and Firewall hardware.

Facets Virtue

Facets Virtue is a Diamond Manufacturing company who polishes rough diamonds and exports them worldwide. This client was seeking help to setup servers to host their ERP software at minimal cost. We have setup their servers for their ERP using Proxmox VE virtualization. We utilized their existing spare servers and upgraded them and  we used open source linux based virtualization platform and created VMs to host their ERP Server with OpenZFS Fault Tolerant Storage. Our client is so happy that with our support they are able to run their data-center at such low investment.

Our Mission

We want to give our clients IT solutions which are well tested, best, cost effective and open Source, so that they can achieve more with less investment and run their IT infrastructure for  day to day business operations. We believe that open source software is the future of IT Data-centers because open source technology is the fastest growing sector in the IT industry. We constantly work with Open source technologies to find out the best IT solutions for our clients.

Sharing The Experience

We love to share our experiences with our clients and general users to let them know what’s happening in the field of Information Technology. We write technical blogs where we put our experiences of working with different technologies. We request you to read our blogs to know the latest happenings in the IT industry.

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