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The OpenZFS project was announced  in September 2013 as the truly open source successor to the ZFS project. OpenZFS is an outstanding storage platform that encompasses the functionality of traditional file systems, volume managers, and more, with consistent reliability, functionality and performance across all distributions.

Some Quick Benefits Of OpenZFS?

OpenZFS Storage Legacy Storage
No Vendor Lock-In As There Is No Proprietary Hardware Or Software Used
If anything Fails You Can Only Get Support From The Manufacturer
A Safe Data Storage Can Be Created With Any Spare or Old Server Availabe
You Have Buy To A Storage Device From A Manufacturer Of Your Choice
Provides Data Redundancy Features like Mirroring, Raidz (1, 2, 3) Without Needing Any RAID Card
You Must Have Hardware Raid Card To Implement Data Redundancy
If Your Storage Server Fails You Can Swap The Hard Disk To Any Other Server And Get Your Data Back Very Easily
If The Storage Device Fails You Have To Get Support From The Manufacturer To Get Back Your Data
OpenZFS Storage Can Be Managed Using Simple Single Line Few Words Commands
Need Proprietary Raid Management Software or Command Line Tools For Storage Administration

Storage Types Supported by OpenZFS


Mirror or RAID1

OpenZFS mirror vdev(volume) is similar to RAID1, it supports N-way mirror vdev means more than two hard drives can be used to create a mirror pool.


OpenZFS RAIDZ1 is similar to RAID5 with 1 disk parity, means it the storage pool can survive single disk failure.


OpenZFS RAIDZ2 is similar to RAID6 with 2 disk parity, means it the storage pool can survive two disk failure.


RAIDZ3 No RAID Analogy

OpenZFS RAIDZ3 uses 3 disk parity and can survive upto three disk failures, there is no RAID analogy of RAIDZ3.