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Your ultimate IT Support is here

Whatever problem you may be facing in running your day to day IT related activities we can provide you with best in class services

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Data-center Virtualization

We do server virtualization with open source virtualization solutions which are proven technologies used by millions world wide

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Highly Reliable Data Storage Solutions

We build data storage with OpenZFS and GlusterFS the latter has been adopted by RedHat and have world wide deployment, only because of its high reliability, performance, scalability and cost efficiency.

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computer network

Computer Network Services

Professional Structured Network Cabling, Switching, Internet Firewall, High Quality WiFi Solutions

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Small office Computing Solution


Finding it difficult buying new computers for your business? We can make the process easy by helping you choose the right products after consulting with you. We help businesses buy IT machinery and also provide post sales support. 

Useful Guidlines

  • Intel NUC
  • Refurbished Computers
  • SSD & Central Storage

Go for intel NUC instead of full sized desktops



  • Takes Less Space

    Intel NUC PCs are very small in size which makes it a good choice for offices with space challenges.

  • Saves Electricity

    Smaller size of intel NUC means it consumes very less power compared to a regular size Desktop computer. NUC only consumes 65 watts.

  • cpu

    Intel NUC PCs are available in various configurations like Intel Dual Core, i3, i5, i7 etc. Adding SSD will boost NUC performance

We don't always need latest computers

Refurbished Computer


  • Rapid Tech Pace

    Technology Is Rapidly Developing, every 6 months new products are getting launched. But most users don't even use all the new features of latest products.

  • Quality of Refurbished PCs

    The quality, performance and low price of refurbished computers make them ideal choice for home and small businesses.

  • Warranty

    We at justping Infotech also provide one year warranty on refurbished computers.

Adopt SSDs and Have one Central Storage Device

ssd disks
Central Storage


  • SATA Hard Disk Size

    Minimum hard disk available today is 1-TB. If we buy 10 computers each with 1-TB HDD at least 40 percent storage space is wasted.

  • SSD Performance

    SSD Storage Devices give higher performance and has longer life compared to Disk based storage devices. Add 120 or 240 GB SSD for individual desktops.

  • Central Storage

    Buy a central storage device like NAS to store user data files and system backups. Central storage provides data safety against hard disk failure

  • Savings and safety

    Buy adopting SSDs and central storage path businesses can save money on hard disks and enjoy higher desktop performance and benefit from various features of central data storage.