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Proxmox VE The Best Open Source Virtual Environment For Data Centres
Proxmox VE

Proxmox Virtual Environment is a Hybrid Virtualization Solution That Integrates KVM Hypervisor and LXC Containers in a single platform. It supports all varieties of storage such as OpenZFS, GlusterFS, CIFS, NFS, LVM, LVM-THIN, ISCSI, CephFS, RBD.

Proxmox VE allows you to create a Highly Available Cluster Infrastructure with Disaster Recovery Tools. Managing the Proxmox VE Infrastructure is so easy with its light weight full functional web management interface. 

Proxmox Web Console
Proxmox VE Web Console

Proxmox VE uses a customized kernel based on Debian Linux released under GNU Affero General Public License, version-3. It uses the KVM virtualization techonlogy. With KVM virtualization you can create Linux and Windows virtual machines on any x86 based server be it Intel VT-x or AMD-v processor based servers.

Because Proxmox VE is an open source software you are free to use the software with all the available enterprise level featues and you are free to contribute to proxmox vE Project.

Taking backups of virtual machines in proxmox VE is very efficient compared to other Virtualization platforms. You can easily take Snapshots of VMs and take full compressed backups to save backup storage requirement. Restoring Snapshots and VMs from full backup is very fast and efficient. To restore VMs you can use the Proxmox web console or the command line tools.

Root on ZFS

Proxmox allows you install the Proxmox VE hypersor OS on a Redundant RAID based ZFS volume such as a mirrored ZFS pool. Customers can take benefit of this feature to create a highly available Proxmox VE hypersor server without any dedicated hardware based RAID technology. ZFS is a highly efficient and reliable software defined volume manaement Solution, it was developed by Sun Microsystems. I will not go deep into ZFS features in this article instead will write a separate blog dedicated to ZFS.


Clustered Data Centre

Proxmox VE allows you to create a clustered environment of muliple Proxmox VE servers and you can live migrate the VMs on any clustered node. It is possible to migrated VMs either manually or by using a script.

KVM and LXC Containers Together

Proxmox VE has integrated two virtualization techonologies in a single platform. You can create a full KVM based virtual machine or you can create Linux Container to host applications on containers. All this tasks of creating VMs or LXC containers can be done from a simple and efficient web console which gives Proxmox VE an edge over other virtualization platforms.

Real World Example

Recently one of our clients was looking for a new server to host their Oracle Database and Oracle Forms servers. Though client had approached us to suggest and procure a new server, after having discussion with client we found a spare Lenovo workstation at their premises. We upgraded the workstation with more RAMs and Hard Drives then installed Proxmox VE on ZFS RAID pool with SSD log and cache partitions. Then we created two virtual machines to host the oracle database and oracle forms servers. Our client is very happy because we saved them a good amount of money and provide them such a highly efficient virtualization solution.

If you are also thinking of a Virtualization Solution for your data center, please contact us we will be happy to help you plan and build a highly efficient data center as per your requirement.

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