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Secure Your Internet Access By Installing The Intra App Developed By Jigsaw

Intra App Secures Internet Access On Your Smartphone

Intra Dashboard
Intra Dashboard

Intra is an open source project created by¬†Jigsaw, a technology incubator within Alphabet, to provide people with a safer way to access the internet. It’s a nice app that protects internet access on your smartphone by encrypting the DNS queries so that hackers cannot manipulate DNS queries and block or redirect you to a phising website. Phising is a way used by hackers to redirect you to a fradulent website that looks and behaves to be the website you have actually wanted to visit. By doing this hackers are able to steal your personal information to fraud with you.

When we browse any website or access any app on our smartphones a DNS request is sent to a DNS server that resolves the IP address of the website domain. In general this DNS communication is not encrypted and hackers can intercept this queries and block or redirect you to fradulent website. The Intra app when installed and activated encrypts all the DNS queries so it is not possible for the hackers to intercept the DNS traffic and redirect users to fradulent websites.

Intra is very simple to use

The intra app is very light weight and does not slow down internet speed. You just have to install the app and activate it. Then leave it on forever. It will prevent you from hackers, malware and virus, it’s so simple.

Intra respects user privacy so it does not track your browsing activity. After you have installed and activated intra you can customize the DNS server IP to use, you can select DNS IP of your choice or you can select one from the Google or cloudflare.

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