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The Amazing Pihole Prevents Ads, Viruses, Malwares and Tracking By Websites
pihole dashboard
The Pihole Dashboard

What is pihole?

Pihole is a Linux based server which acts as a DNS server and prevents ads, viruses, malwares, porn sites and more throughout your lan computers, servers, smartphones connected to wiFi. It was created by Jacob salmela as an open source project in 2014.

How does it work?

Pihole works as a DNS-SINKHOLE at network-level and blocks DNS queries requested by web browsers, mobile apps, smartTVs to advertising domains, malware and virus source domains, porn websites, etc. It blocks websites from tracking our activities.

About Pihole in-depth

Before i tell you about inner workings of Pihole let me give you the knowledge about how internet actually works if you probably did not know it already. For every website that we visit such as, has one or more IP addresses assigned to it. when we type the website name in a web browser the request goes to a DNS server which resolves or find the IP address of the website name and then only the web browser is able to open the website for us. 

All the computers or devices in a LAN is assigned one IP address by an IT person or automatically by a DHCP server. Every LAN device needs one IP address, default gateway and one or more DNS server IP addresses to access internet websites.

We can setup a pihole server in our network that will work as the DNS server for all the devices and reply to DNS queries done by web browsers or any kind of mobile applications. The pihole server can optionally work as a DHCP server also. Once we have installed and configured our pihole server it will have a list of all the advertising domains, virus or malware domains, porn, news, tracking domains, etc. By using this list the pihole server blocks your web browser or applications from showing any type of advertisements, prevent downloading any virus or malware. It also prevents websites from tracking our browsing activities. The list also blocks porn and news websites. You can even add domain names manually to the list to tell pihole whether to allow or block that domain.

How to install pihole server

After reading this article if you are eager to install a pihole server in your data-center please follow the pihole official link below. We encourage every data center to have a pihole server. It does not only block ads, viruses, malwares and web sites but also at the same time increases your browsing speed as it saves a good amount of internet bandwidth by blocking ads, viruses, web tracking, etc.

Follow the link below to more about pihole

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